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     T WORD ERROR (T 码错误) LOW OIL LEVEL (油位低) SPINPLE FAULT (主轴故障) SPINDLE ALARM (主轴报警) EXTERNAL EMG STOP (急停按钮被按下) AC NOT READY (交流盘未准备好) SPINPLE LUBE FAULT (主轴润滑故障) T CODE ERROR (T代码出错,非法T代码) M CODE ERROR (M代码出错,非法M代码) SERVO NOT READY (伺服未准备好) NC NOT READY(NC没准备好) TURRET FAULT (转塔故障) TURRET LIMIT (转塔限位) DC 24V OPEN (直流24断开) 24V NOT READY( 24V没准备好) GRAR DRIFT (档位漂移) PLEASE AXIS RETURN HOME(轴未回零) PLEASE DRUM RETURN HOME(刀库未回零) AIRPRESSFAILURE(气压故障) UNCL TOOL FALL(松刀失败) AIR PRESSURE DROP (压缩空气压力过低) CLAMP TOOL FALL(夹刀失败) DRUM NOT PARKED(刀库未在原值) X ZERO POINT NOT REACHED (X 轴未回零) Y ZERO POINT NOT REACHED (Y 轴未回零) Z ZERO POINT NOT REACHED (Z 轴未回零) 4TH ZERO POINT NOT REACHED (第4轴未回零)   X AXIS OVERTRAVL(X轴超限) Y AXIS OVERTRAVL (Y轴超限) Z AXIS OVERTRAVL (Z轴超限) COUNTER SWITCH REEOR (计数开关故障) MASTERT RANSFER OVER TEMP (主变压器过热) Z AXIS NOT AT FIRST REF POSITION (Z轴未在第一参考点) SPINDLE ORIENTATION FALLURE (主轴定向失败) TOOL DESENT OR TOOL DATA REEOR (刀具数据错误) PLEASE UNLOAD THE TOOL ON SPRINELK (请卸下主轴上的刀) PLEASE LOAD TOOL ON APINDLE (请装上主轴上的刀) A AXIS UNCLAMP FAIL (A 轴松开失败) A AXIS CLAMP FAIL (A 轴夹紧失败) DRUM OUT TO APRONDLEIS FALL (刀库摆向换刀位失败) MG SWING OVERLOAD(刀库摆动过载) DRUM BACK PARK IS FALL (刀库摆回原始位失败) TURRENT MOTOR1 OVERLOAD (刀库移动电机过载) COOLANT MOTOR OVERLOAD (冷却泵过载) DRUM ATC FAULT (自动换刀失败) TOOLS UNLOCKED (刀具未锁紧) BATTERY ALARM (电池报警)   DRUM POSITION SWITCH ERROR (刀库位置检测开关故障) DRUM NOW NOT AT PARK (刀库未在原始位置) IT DANGOU TO MOVE DRUM (刀库禁动) POT UO FAILOR POT NOT AT UP POSITION (刀套未在水平位) POT DOWN FAIL (刀套翻下动作失败) IT IS DANGOUR TO MOVE ARM (机械手禁动) THE SPINDLE STATU IS ERROR (主轴状态错误) ARM MOTOR OR ARM SWITCH FALL (机械手或机械手开关故障) CENTRE LUBRICATION FALL (中心润滑故障) THE WORK NOT CLAMPED (工件未夹紧) AUTO TOOL CHANGE FAULT (自动换刀失败) TOOL DATA OUT OF RANGE (指令刀具号超出范围) THE ORDER TOOL NOW IN SPINDLE (目标刀具在主轴上) THE THREE SPINDLE SWITCH FAULT (主轴上的接近开关) THE CENTRE COOLANT IS LOWER (刀具内冷泵液位过低) DRUM RETURN 1# POSITION FAULT (刀库自动回零失败) SPINDLE OVERLOAD (主轴过载) 关注我们的微信公众号shukongzhpngguo,获取更多数控技术文章。 TURRENT MOTOR OVERLOAD (刀盘转动电机过载) CHIP CONVEYER OVERLOAD (拉屑器过载) HARD LIMIT OR SERVO ALARM (硬限位或伺服报警) NO LUB OIL (无润滑油) INDEX HEAD UNLOCKED (分度头未锁紧) MT NOT READY(机床没准备好) MG OVERLOAD  (刀库过载) LUB EMPTY(润滑无油) AIR PRESSURE(气压不足) COOLANT NOT READY(冷却没准备好) LUBE EMPTY(油雾油位低,润滑油位低) LUB PRESSURE LOW(润滑压力低) CONVEY  VERLOAD(排屑过载) LUB OVERLOAD(润滑过载) LUBE PRESSURE LOW(油雾压力低)   SERIAL SPINDLE ALARM (串行主轴报警) NC BATTERY LOW ALARM(NC电池低报警) MAGAZINE MOVE LIMIT SWITCH ERROR SPINDLE TOOL UNLAMP POSITION LIMIT SWITCH ERROR MAGAZINE NOT IN POSITION OR SENSOR ERROR AIR PRESSURE LOW ALARM(气压低报警) MOTOR OVERLOAD(电机过载) T CODE > MAGAZINE TOOLS T CODE < 1 ERROR 5TH AXIS HARDWARE OVERTRAVER LIMIT ERROR DOOR IS OPENED(开门) LUB PRESSURE SWITCH ERROR(油压开关错误) SPINDLE OIL COOLANT UNIT ERROR SPINDLE LOAD ABNORMAL(主轴负荷异常) TRANSDUCER ALARM(传感器报警) BED-HEAD LUBRICATE OFF(床头润滑关闭) EMG OFF HYDRAULIC CHUCK PRESS LOW(液压夹头压力低) HYDRAULIC TAIL PRESS LOW(液压尾座压力低) LUB 0IL LOW(油压低) TURRET CODE ERROR(转塔码错误) TURRET RUN OVERTIME(转塔运行超时) MANUAL HANDLE INTERRUPT TRY TO RUN SPINDLE WHILE CHUCK NOT LOCK TRY TO RUN SPINDLE WHILE TAIL NOT LOCK SPINDLE NEUTRAL GEAR MAGAZINE ADJUST HYDRAULIC NOT RUN SAFETY DOOR BE OPENED SAFETY DOOR NOT CLOSE NOT ALL AXIS HAVE GONE BACK REF IN ADJUST,IGNORE GOING BACK REF AFTER EXCHANGE TOOL,CYCLE START ATC MOTOR QF16 OFF X AXIS IS LOCKED(X 轴被锁定) Y AXIS IS LOCKED(Y 轴被锁定) Z AXIS IS LOCKED(Z 轴被锁定) A AXIS IS LOCKED(A 轴被锁定) SPINDLE MOTOR FAN QF26 OFF(主轴电机风扇QF26关闭) 关注我们的微信公众号shukongzhpngguo,获取更多数控技术文章。 SPINDLE ORIENTATION INCOMPLETE(主轴定位不完全) M FUNCTION NOT COMPLETE(M 功能无法完成) SPINDLE NOT IN GEAR POSITION(齿轮不在主轴位置) SPINDLE NOT CHANGED TO LOW GEAR(主轴没有变为低档) SPINDLE NOT CHANGED TO HIGH GRAR(主轴没有变为高档) MAG NOT BACKWARD SPINDLE TOOL NOT CLAMP SPINDLE TOOL NOT UNCLAMP MAG NOT IN POSITION   MAG DOES NOT ROTATE MAG DOES NOT STOP RUNNING A AXIS HAVE NOT CLAMPED A AXIS HAVE NOT UNCLAMPED SET D499=1,"MAG.JOG" SWITCH ON HYDRAULIC MOTOR QF7 OFF( 液压马达QF7关闭 ) HYDRAULIC TEMPRETURE HIGH( 液压使用温度高 ) HYDRAULIC FILTER BLOCKED(液压过滤器阻止) HYDRAULIC OIL LEVEL LOW( 液压油位低 ) HYDRAULIC FAN QF8 OFF(液压风扇QF8关闭) HELIX CONYER QF9 OR QF10 OFF CHAIN CONYER QF11 OFF COOLANT MOTOR QF12 OFF(冷却液电机QF12关闭) COOLNT LEVEL LOW,CYCLE STOP AFTER 20 MINUTES INNER COOLANT BLOCK(内冷却堵塞) SPINDLE COOLANT MOTOR QF14 OFF(主轴冷却液电机QF14关闭) INNER COOLANT QF13 OFF(内冷却液QF13关闭) MAG MOTOR QF15 OFF CABINET COOLANT EQUIP QF20 OFF OIL GATHER QF24 OFF AIR PRESSURE LOW(低气压) SPINDLE COOLANT MOTOR FAULT(主轴冷却液电机故障) LUB.OIL IS LOW(润滑油低) DOOR OPEN(门打开) FRONT DOOR(R) OPEN(前门打开) LEFT DOOR OPEN(左门打开) LUBRICATION OIL QF23 OFF(润滑油QF23关闭) LUBRICATION PRESS LOW(润滑油位低) IN ADJUST,MAG CAN'T EXCHANGE T(在调整,刀库不能交换T) NOT ALL DOOR CLOSED(门没有全部关闭) IN M06,MAG NOT READY(在M06,刀库未准备好) MAGAZINE NOT READY(刀库未准备好) POCKET NOT HORIZANTAL IN M06,Z NOT BACK TO 2ND REF IN M06,Z AXIS NOT IN PSW1 ATC NOT IN ZERO POSITION SPINDLE ORIENTATION UNCOMPLETE POCKET NOT HOR./MAG NOT BCKWRD POCKET NOT VER./MAG NOT FORWRD UNCLAMP TOOL HAS NOT COMPLETED CLAMP TOOL HAS NOT COMPLETED AIM TOOL NO. IS WRONG MAG NOT BACKWARD AFTER RETRACT,SET R.T.BACK OFF Z NOT IN PSW2,FORBID ATC RUNNING D499 EQUAL 1   MAG.JOG SOFT SWITCH IS ON Z NOT IN PSW2,FORBID MAG FORWARD CHEKE SPINDLE MODULE ALARM OIL WATER SEPARATOR QF24 OFF SET THE SOFT SWITCH MAG.JOG OFF SET D499 TO 0  设定D499为0 K PARAM ABOUT MAG SET IS WRONG  关于MAG的K参数设定错误 MECHANICAL BRAKE NOT RELEASED机床抱闸没有松开 MECHANICAL BRAKE IS WRONG  机床抱闸错误 PLEASE ADD LUB.OIL  请加润滑油 PROBE BATTERY VOLTAGE IS LOW  探头电池电压低 PROBE IS ERR  探头错误 PARAMETER WRITE ENABLE(参数写使能) PMC EDIT ENABLE(PMC编辑使能) CHECK LUB ROUTIN SPINDLE GEAR SIGNAL MISS  主轴档位信号消失 T_CLAMPED_SIGNAL MISS    T夹紧信号消失 SP OVERRIDE SWITCH DISCONNECTION   主轴倍率开关断路 FEED OVERRIDE SWITCH DISCONNECTION  进给倍率开关断路 THE TOTAL NUMBER OF POCKETS SET ERR CHANGE T STOPED BECAUSE NO AIR 因为缺少压空交换停止 THE COOLANT WATER TOO LOW,ADD COOLANT WATER AT ONCE 冷却水少立即加水 COOLANT LEVEL LOW,ADD COOLANT WATER  冷却水液位低 PLEASE REPLACE CNC BATTERY QUICKLY  请立即更换CNC电池   SIEMENS常用缩略语 A Output    输出 ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange 美国信息交换标准代码 AV Preparation for work 运行准备 BA Operating mode 运行方式 BAG Operating mode groups 运行方式组 BB Ready for operation 准备好运行 BCD Binary Coded Decimals 二-十进制 BHG Hand-held terminal 手提终端 BOF User interface 用户接口 CNC Computerized Numerical Control 计算机化数字控制 CP Communication Processor 通迅处理器 CPU Central Processing Unit 计算机中央处理装置 CR Carriage Return 托架折回 CSB Central Service Board(PLC module) 中央维护板,PLC 模块 CTS Clear To Send 发送使能 DAU Digital-Analog Converter 数模转换器 DB Data Block 数据块 DIN German Industrial Standards 德国工业标准 DIO Data Input/Output 数据输入/输出 DRF Differential Resolver Function 差分功能 DRY Dry Run 空运行 DSB Decoding Single Block 译码单段 DSR Data Send Ready 备用输入 DW Data Word 数据字 E Input 输入 EIA-Code Special tape code,number of holes per characters always odd 特殊纸带码,每个字符的孔数为奇数 EPROM Programm memory with fixed program 有固定程序的程序存储器 E/R Controlled Supply and Energy Recovery Module 可控电源和能量恢复模块 ETC ETC key:Extension of the softkey bar in the same menu ETC 键:同级菜单扩展键 FDB Product designation database 产品指定数据库 FIFO First in First Out 先进先出 FRA Frame module 帧频模块 FRAME Coordinate conversion with the components zero offset,rotation,scaling, mirror-imaging 坐标换算,具有零点偏置,坐标旋转,标度功能和镜向功能 FRK Cutter radius compensation 铣刀半径补偿 FST Feed Stop 停止进给 GUD Global User Data 全体用户数据 HMS High-Resolution Measuring System 高分辨率测量系统 HSA Main Spindle Drive 主轴驱动 HW Hardware 硬件 IM Interface Module 接口模块 IM-S/R Interface Module(S=send/R=receive) 接口模块,S=发送/R=接收 INC Increment 步进增量 ISO-Code Special tape code,number of holes per character always even 特殊纸带码,每个字符的孔数为偶数 K1...k4 Channel 1 to Channel 4 通道1 到通道4 KOP Ladder Diagram 梯形图 KV Loop-Gain Factor 增益系数 KUE Transformation Ratio 传动比 LCD Liquid Crystal Display 液晶显示 LED Light Emitting Diode 发光二极管显示 LUD Local User Data 局部用户数据 MB Megabyte 兆字节 MD Machine Data 机床数据 MK Measuring Circuit 测量回路 MDA Manual Data Automatic 手动输入,自动执行 MLFB Machine-readable product designation 机器可识别的产品代号 MMC Man Machine Communication:User interface of the numerical control system for operation,programming and simulation 人机通讯:系统操作界面,用操作,编程和模拟 MPF Main Program File:NC part program(main program) NC 零件程序,主程序 MPI Multi Point Interface 多点通讯接口 MSTT Machine control panel 机床控制面板 NC Numerical Control 数字控制 NCK Numerical Control Kernel(numerical krnel with block preparation, traversing range etc.) 数字控制核心:具有程序段预处理,运行范围等等 NCU Numerical Control Unit 数控单元 NURBS Non Uniform Rational B Spline 非均值有理B样条 NV Zero Offset 零点偏置 OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer 原设备制造商 OP Operator Panel 操作面板 OPI Operator Panel Interface 操作面板接口 PC Personal Comprter 个人计算机 PCMCIA Personal Computer Menory Card International Association 接口协议 PG Programming Device 编程器 PLC Programmable Logic Control 可编程逻辑控制器 PRT Program Test 程序测试 RAM Random Access Memory 随机存取存储器 RISC Reduced Instruction Set Computer 处理器,具有指令组小、通过能力强 ROV Rapid Override 快速修调 RPA R Parameters Active(NCK memoty area for R parameter numbers) R 参数有效,NCK 中用于R 参数号的存储器区 RTS Request To Send(control signal from serial data interfaces) 发送请求:来自串行接口的控制信号 SBL Single Block 单段 SBL2 Single Block Decoding 译码单段 SEA Setting Data Active(memory area for setting data in NCK) 设定数据有效:用于NCK 中设定数据的存储区 SD Setting Data 设定数据 SKP Skip Block 程序段跳跃 SM Signal Module 信号模块 SPF Sub Program File 子程序文件 SPS Programmable Logic Controller 可编程逻辑控制器 SRK Cutter Radius Compensation 刀尖半径补偿 SSFK Leadscrew Error Compensation 丝杠螺距误差补偿 SSI Serial Synchronous Interface 串行同步接口 SW Software 软件 TEA Testing Data Active(with reference to the machine data) 测试数据有效:与机床数据有关 TO Tool Offset 刀具补偿 TOA Tool Offset Active(memory area for tool offset) 刀具补偿有效,用于刀补的存储区 TRANSMIT Transform Milling into Turning(coordinate conversion on turning machines for milling) 铣床转换为车床:车床坐标换算用于铣削加工 VSA Feed drive(spindle) 主轴进给驱动 V Bit type PLC variable PLC变量类型:位 VB Byte type PLC variable PLC变量类型:字节 WKZ Tool 刀具 WZ Tool 刀具 WZK Tool offset 刀具补偿 ZOA Zero Offset Active(memory area for zero offsets) 零点偏置有效:零点偏置存储区 关键词:数控机床常见信息
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